• Half Moon Friends

    Half Moon Friends

    Premieres 15 Oct, every Sat, 8.40pm / 7.40pm (JKT/BKK).

    It's a whole new challenge for idol group WINNER - operating a daycare center!

  • Ichiban Weeknight Variety
  • My Capsule Toy Brothers

    My Capsule Toy Brothers

    Premieres 12 Oct, every Wed & Thu, 9pm / 8pm (JKT/BKK).

    Don't expect mere toys from this capsule machine!
  • Death Note

    Death Note

    Starts 7 Oct, every Fri, 9pm / 8pm (JKT/BKK).

    What would you do if you had the power to kill anyone you wanted with a few pen strokes?
  • Ms. Sadistic Detective

    Ms. Sadistic Detective

    Every Mon & Tue, 9pm / 8pm (JKT/BKK).

    She's a detective with very unorthodox methods!
  • Genki Weeknight Drama Timebelt


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The Last Cop
The Last Cop
Season 1, Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 10
TOKUSON: Life Hacks!
TOKUSON: Life Hacks!
Season 1, Episode 19
The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami
The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami
Season 1, Episode 7

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